Our Rates

All commissions have a starting price of $50.00 USD.

Final prices will vary on length of project and materials used.

  • Buttons: $0.65 USD

  • Hems: $15.00 - 25.00 USD depending on garment.

  • Zipper Replacement: $35.00 USD + cost of materials.

  • Minor Alterations: $30.00 USD + cost of materials.

  • Major Alterations: $40.00 USD + cost of materials

  • Cleaning Fee: $30.00 USD

  • Repairs: Starting price is $25.00 USD. Final price may vary on severity of damage.

(Please note that we only clean and repair damage, we do not offer styling services.)

Custom Designs


Wig Repair

We accept cash, check, and Venmo. We do not accept card payments at this time.